Open Science: Refining and Revealing Scientific Practice

Johanna Cohoon

STEM Librarians South is pleased to announce Johanna Cohoon as our Keynote on Friday, July 19!

"Open science is increasingly receiving attention and support from scientists, institutions, and publishers. The movement seeks to improve scientific practice by effecting cultural change in the research community. Current incentives and behavioral norms lead to issues like low reproducibility rates and “the file drawer problem,” both indications of a need for reform. Open science seeks to address those issues by using technology and policy to encourage transparency and intellectual egalitarianism. Furthermore, while budgets are stretched and datasets grow, the research community can benefit from open practices like data sharing to make better use of funds. Examples of open science in action show that the movement is having a dramatic effect, but individual researchers face continuing challenges to engaging in open behaviors."

A PhD Candidate at The University of Texas iSchool, Johanna studies scientific research practices and tools. Previously, she worked at the Center for Open Science where she researched reproducability in Psychology. She is interested in open science practices — why and when people participate in them — as well as the tools that encourage transparency in research. 
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